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We create web pages highly optimized for SEO positioning.

Looking for a new design for your website?

If you already have a website or if you don’t have one yet, at Top SEO we offer you our website design service in Las Rozas. As an expert SEO agency, we specialize in creating web projects for companies, SMEs and freelancers who need to digitize their business and get more visibility online.

All our designs are focused on creating pages with good user experience and always following the ON-PAGE optimization guidelines set by search engines, to achieve greater visibility and reach.

We create all types of websites

We design websites focused on transmitting the corporate identity of the company through its website. These projects are usually requested for companies that have a great brand image.

We develop websites for companies that want to provide a service and depend heavily on their visibility on the Internet. Through our SEO optimized web designs, we guarantee a better position in the search ranking (SERPs).

We create online stores (Ecommerce) so you can sell your products, but just a nice design is not enough. That’s why we create online stores that are easily recognizable by search engines and are better positioned. This way you will reach more customers.

Advantages of web design for SEO

We develop web pages designed to improve search engine rankings.

Planning a change of website or creating a new one must be a well thought-out task with a specific objective. If your goal is to improve positioning, you will have to take into account all the factors that influence it. Therefore, making a web design taking into account SEO optimization will provide you with many advantages.

  1. Increased visibility on Google.
  2. Improve loading times.
  3. Advantage over other competitors.
  4. Increase quality traffic.
  5. Trackable web structure.
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