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SEO pricing

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SEO Pricing

The most common question asked by website owners when they want to make a SEO strategy is the price that a good SEO will cost them. And seeing how the market is, it is very understandable that many doubts arise due to the disparity of prices.

Why can you find SEO prices from 60€ to 900€ for the same project? This is what we are going to try to solve.

When we sit in front of the computer to perform a search on the “SEO price” or “SEO agency” the first thing we have to take into account is that the first four results we get correspond to Goolgle ads (SEM). If we are looking for an organic positioning (SEO), it doesn’t make much sense to click on an ad, does it?

The second important factor in pricing, as everything in life… is to be careful with the offers. If you have ever worked on the SEO of your website on your own or with an agency, you will know that this is a costly work in the medium-long term in which many factors influence. Therefore you should ask yourself the following questions: Do you think you can do a good SEO for 99€ per month? How much time will they dedicate to your project for this price? In your work activity, what time would you dedicate to something for this amount?

How much does it cost to position a website in Google?

Discover the price of SEO

The monthly price for positioning a web page in Google is around 660€/month. Always talking about a sector with an average competition and in which you want to make a good SEO strategy.

As we have already provided a price, now you may be interested in knowing what influences when preparing a SEO budget, so you can better choose the company that will take care of it.

Factors that influence the price of SEO positioning:

  • Your current position in the SERPs for the keywords of your sector.
  • Estimate the time it will take to optimize and prepare your website to obtain a better authority.
  • Know your competitors and the strategy they are carrying out.
  • Analyze the companies that are occupying the top 10 positions.
  • Develop a budget for the link building strategy.

Does it seem expensive? I’ll explain a little more ….

On repeated occasions, we receive clients who pay fees of between 60 and 100€/month, but who want to change agency because they are not getting results. The surprise comes when we send them the proposal:

Customer: “Hi, we have been reviewing the quote but the monthly fee is a bit out of line because we are currently paying another company a monthly fee of 90€.”

Answer: “We have prepared the budget based on the keywords that can provide you with the best performance and analyzing your competitors in the sector. With the objective of reaching the TOP 10 in an approximate medium term, which ranges between 3 and 7 months. If you want us to adjust the budget we can do it, but both the hours we invest and the resources we will use will be reduced in proportion and most likely the results will not be the desired ones and the times will be extended. This will cause you to find yourself in the same situation you are in now. We remain at your disposal so that you can tell us how you want us to proceed.”

In summary, to implement a good SEO strategy that provides favorable results for your website or business requires hours of work in analysis and execution of changes on the web, in addition to having crawling and control tools that are not cheap at all. Therefore, and in our experience, if you want to appear in the top positions of Google, evaluate all the proposals calmly, with everything you now know.

Never forget that:

“The price of SEO is provided according to the time and resources allocated

User questions about SEO pricing

Is it necessary to pay to rank in Google?

As far as SEO is concerned, no. To rank organically it is not necessary to pay anyone if you have the time and knowledge to create a well-optimized website and create unique and quality content that provides value to users. If you want to outsource all this, then you should pay an agency.

How long does it take to rank a website?

It is very difficult to give an exact time. Mainly influence two factors that are the authority of your website and market competitors. If you do not start from scratch from any of them, with a good SEO strategy you can position a website in 6-9 months.