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Do you have a business and want to position it in Google?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. Whether you have a physical or online business of products or services, in our expert SEO agency located in New York we will guide you with a strategy to get to appear at the top of the search engines. Shall we talk?

Our SEO strategy for search engines

This is the first step of our process. We perform a technical analysis of your website to find all the ON and OFF PAGE optimization improvements that we need to improve and that are causing you to have little or no visibility in search engines.

Once we have detected all the improvements to be made after the audit, we go into your website to implement all the necessary optminizations, in this way we adapt the web to the guidelines set by search engines.

Link building. Getting links is good, but not all links are valid! A good link building strategy is essential to improve your rankings, so we will guide your project to increase incoming links from quality websites.

Advantages of SEO

Having a good SEO strategy is vital for your company to have visibility in search engines and thus be able to reach a greater number of customers.

Whether you are an SME or self-employed or you sell products or services, SEO allows you to achieve an advantageous position on the Internet, giving your website greater visibility.

  • Better position in search engines.
  • Reach more potential customers.
  • Get more visitors.
  • Increase qualified traffic.
  • Enhance your brand.
  • Achieve more sales.
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What is SEO?

It is difficult to define in a few words what SEO is, because it is a term that encompasses many techniques and depends on many factors. However, we will try to make a simple and understandable definition.

In a few words we could say that SEO consists of appearing in the first positions of the search results (SERPs) for those keywords related to the activity of a website.

To get the first positions in Google, we always talk about appearing in the top 10 or what is the same on the first page of results. It must be taken into account that at the moment in each search there are 10 natural results for each page and 8 paid results (Ads), four at the top and four at the bottom of each page. Although the latter may vary depending on the type of search performed.

Finally, and to finish understanding SEO, we must know that search engines such as Google analyze more than 200 factors of each website to give them a position in the ranking of results. Controlling or knowing each one of them will allow us to improve the website and adapt it to the guidelines of the search engines.

Some of the most important factors to position a web page:

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We will study your website and perform a detailed study of those keywords that can attract more potential customers to your website.


We will make all the necessary changes within your website to make it as search engine friendly as possible and maintain a good SEO.


We will review all inbound links to your website to ensure that there are no toxic links that may go against search engine criteria.


Your website must load quickly on all devices to provide a good user experience, we will provide you with the keys to do so.

Local SEO

If in addition to your website, you have a physical store, we will work on your local SEO to have greater visibility in the towns where you offer your goods or services.

SEO penalties

If you have suffered any manual action or have lost positions considerably, we will analyze the causes and ask Google for a new consideration.

Questions about our SEO service

What is the price of SEO?

This is one of the questions we receive the most and the most difficult to answer. We do not have standard rates that can be applied in a generalized way. In a SEO process, Google analyzes many factors, so to know the price we must first analyze the current state of the web, the keywords to position and competitors. With these three points, we determine the time and resources that we must dedicate to the project on a monthly basis to achieve the objectives.

How long does it take?

In our strategy we estimate a time that ranges from 5 to 9 months to achieve the objectives, although it varies a lot depending on the sector, the keywords to position and the competitors.
Let’s not forget that even if we do all the things “right” we depend on Google.

Are there many changes to be made to the website?

Yes, we usually have to implement quite a few changes, some of them may affect visually and the structure of the website, although everything will depend on the current state of optimization.
All changes will be agreed with you and we will take care of implementing them.

Are we going to get the first position?

Yes, you can. But not with all websites or with all domains.
In all our SEO strategies we aim to reach the first page of results, but to achieve the first position come into play variables such as the age of the domain, traffic CTR, bounce rate…

How do I know the job is being done correctly?

It is a question that most new clients have in their head, because they usually come from bad experiences with other SEO companies, paying monthly fees for years without knowing what they were doing or how they could check that the work was done.
We have a very simple formula. Monthly we send a report with the ranking (positions) of the keywords and their evolution with respect to the previous month. Although the results vary daily, you should always see an ascending graph, which verifies that the work is being done correctly.

Do you only work with clients from New York?

No, although our agency is physically located in Las Rozas de Madrid, our clients are located throughout Spain and in other parts of the world such as the Arab Emirates, Miami or Portugal.
We have SEO strategies for web pages in Spanish, English and Portuguese.