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Our Top SEO team is made up of different professionals from the marketing world, specialized in the main areas that affect web positioning such as developers, SEO consultants and copywriters. All of them with more than 7 years of experience in their respective areas.

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SEO Consultants

I’ll start by telling you that for more than 7 years I have been dedicated exclusively to offer SEO services to companies and SMEs that want to improve their visibility in search engines. Although you may have known us before under the name SEOWEBLOCAL, we are still the same, we just changed to Top SEO for a matter of brand identity.

As for me, I can tell you that I studied Marketing at the Rey Juan Carlos University and I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit that has been the engine that has led me to specialize in SEO. From the second year of my degree I got a scholarship in the Marketing department of Indra and it was there where over time I became interested in what today is my job.

As a good intern I started doing a little bit of everything, but since I met the world of SEO, thanks to my eagerness to get clients for some personal projects (no niches), I was specializing and acquiring knowledge that I started applying to the web of Indra (yes, I started with a very pro guinea pig). To the surprise of many, there was no one in this department who knew how to do SEO.

After 4 years in the company, I decided to leave the shelter provided by one of the largest companies in the Ibex and enter fully into SEO positioning by creating my own company.

About my experience and projects

My main activity is focused on supporting companies, especially SMEs to help them scale their projects and get more customers.

I do not work, nor have I worked the famous “niches” to generate income through Amazon Associates or Google AdSense. But I do have other projects in addition to the agency, in which I apply the same SEO knowledge that I apply to my clients and that I use as an example to demonstrate that a well done SEO work can help any business. You just need to dedicate the necessary resources to do things better than the competition.

My opinion on some topics related to SEO

My opinion on some topics related to SEO

What is your opinion about Link Building?

Although you will find different opinions on this subject, my personal opinion is that it is necessary and Google still values it. But I also tell you that before starting with link building there are many other things to review and optimize.

What type of website is best to achieve a good positioning?

If we talk about the main ones such as WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify or Wix, I will tell you that with all of them we have obtained very good results for different types of websites and industries.
  • WordPress: my favorite for corporate websites, blogs, even online stores.
  • PrestaShop: very powerful for E-commerce, but with the disadvantage that you will always need the support of a good developer to get a good SEO implementation. I do not recommend it if you have a small store.
  • Shopify: for a simple E-commerce is the one I like the most. We have been working with this platform for three years with clients from the USA and it has a good SEO structure.
  • Wix: although I don’t recommend it if you don’t have a website yet. We have achieved very good results for some clients in sectors that are not very competitive.

Do I need to add content to my website every day or week, and the more the better?

Absolutely NO. Lately we find a very strong trend among our new clients who think that you have to create a lot of content because it is very important for Google. And it is true that content is important, but as long as it provides value to the user and is relevant and well structured.

How much do you charge for an SEO strategy?

As I always say, we do not have standard rates. The price depends on the type of website, sector and competitors. But we have process from 350€ and up.