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Top SEO is a Search Engine Optimization Company and Online Marketing Agency focused on SEO web positioning for companies, freelancers and SMEs that want to have more visibility of their Internet business

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Impulsa tu negocio alcanzando las primeras posiciones de los buscadores con una estrategia SEO.

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Desarrollamos páginas web para conseguir una mejor posición y experiencia de usuario.

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We develop web pages to get a better position and user experience.

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Since 2012 we are helping companies to achieve more relevance in Google searches through SEO strategies. In our agency we have expert professionals in each of the branches of SEO to ensure the achievement of goals we set in the medium-long term.

Choosing a web positioning agency in the current market is quite difficult due to the great multitude of offer that exists. So we want to differentiate ourselves by offering a SEO service that truly understands the needs and objectives of each company, working exclusively with a single page of each sector. This allows us to focus all efforts on making our customers the leaders in their searches.

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Why do we talk about SEO web positioning? Because SEO includes the set of techniques (SEO-SEM) to improve the visibility of a web page in search engines, when we include the word “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) we know that we are referring to natural or organic positioning.

So, SEO positioning is defined as the process that includes different disciplines and strategies that are applied to a website to increase visibility in organic search engine results.

How can SEO positioning help your business? By increasing the visibility of your website, more users will find it and more customers will arrive. Do you ever go to the second page of Google results? No, don’t you? With SEO we get your website to be among the first results for keywords that may have a purchase intent for a product or service.

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