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Top SEO are an Search Engine Optimization Company and online marketing agency focused on SEO web positioning of web pages for companies, freelancers and SMEs that want to have more visibility of your Internet business


Boost your business reaching the top positions of search engines with an SEO strategy.


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We develop web pages to get a better position and user experience.


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Si crees que has podido ser penalizado, aún no está todo perdido, podemos ayudarte!


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Since 2012 we are helping companies to achieve more relevance in Google searches through SEO strategies. In our agency we have expert professionals in each of the branches of SEO to ensure processes that achieve the goals we set in the medium-long term.

Choosing a web positioning agency in the current market is quite difficult due to the great multitude of offer that exists, so we want to differentiate ourselves by offering an SEO service that truly understands the needs and objectives of each company, working exclusively with a single page of each sector. This allows us to focus all efforts on making our customers the leaders in their searches.

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Frequently asked questions about our SEO agency

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tries to increase qualified traffic from search engines to your website through on-page optimization, keyword research, quality content, structure, WPO (load times).
Getting this traffic through Google is our main task. Our experts are able to analyze the searches and know how to tell the search engines to index and display the content of your website to get better results.

Keep in mind that every day the search engine receives more than 60,000 searches and getting to stand out in those related to the keywords of our clients is our job.

The price of our SEO services vary depending on each sector, the target audience, the current web design you have, the age of the domain, the link profile of your website and if the search terms are local or national.

After analyzing these factors, we will be able to calculate the monthly hours your project needs to achieve the top positions in a period of time that ranges from 4 to 9 months approximately.

As we know that you are still asking "but, how much does it cost?" We will tell you that averaging the current fees of our clients, our SEO services have a monthly cost of 470€ + VAT.

Our team of SEO specialists works primarily on content, on-page optimization, WPO (load times), user experience and link building to develop a strategy that provides greater authority to your website.

There is no set time for us to get the top positions in Google for a website.

The time to reach the objectives of being in the top 10 of the organic search results (first page) varies as it happens in the price, depending on the sector, age of the domain, web optimization...

Currently we have clients that for a very competitive niche such as catering we have taken 15 months to achieve good rankings for the most important keywords and other clients that for more local or less competitive searches in 2 months we have achieved the objectives.

Although we are a Spanish SEO agency, we also develop international SEO strategies for companies that want to provide their services or sell products in other countries.

We currently have clients in Miami, Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia and United Arab Emirates. But we also have Spanish clients with whom we work on international SEO in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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